Casing the Joint

Here, you will find the images of my DIY build for an Atari STe styled external SCSI enclosure with 2 hard drives, a CD Rom drive and a yet to get working ZIP drive.

This build is based on a Shuttle XPC Glamor small form factor PC, which was stipped of it’s internal parts for the carcass to be used, a DMA to SCSI adapter board from an Atari Protar Progate 2 external hard drive, paint and some components to bring everything together

The Shuttle was bought as untested from eBay for a cheap price, and as it turns out, was actually working. I didn’t know this at the time, and it was only after I had removed the mainboard from the case that I got to test it out. It was an AMD X2 64 running at 2.5Ghz with 2 GB ram installed. I have kept the mainboard, CPU and ram for a future retro project. (Update: This has now been sold via eBay as I could not find a use for it other than as a retro emulator machine, which I have loads of already!)

The disassembly:

it was in a right old state! – Used by a taxi company by the looks of it!
Just VGA on this board. Not the best, but still a good solid mainboard and CPU.
Only the outside edges need to look perfect. The black bits seen here are covered by the front plate
This was an old 520 StFM badge I had lying around. Cut to size with the sharp edges filed smooth.
SCSI CD and Zip drive fit well.
Plenty of space for the drives and SCSI adapter.
Need to get something to block up that big hole!
Once fully assembled, it looks like something Atari could have made back in the 90s. really happy with how it turned out!

Check out my YouTube channel where I have a video show this new device working. It will be published on 9th May.