Casing the Joint

Here, you will find the images of my DIY build for an Atari STe styled external SCSI enclosure with 2 hard drives, a CD Rom drive and a yet to get working ZIP drive.

This build is based on a Shuttle XPC Glamor small for factor PC, which was stipped of it’s internal parts for the carcass to be used, a DMA to SCSI adapter board from an Atari Protar Progate 2 external hard drive, paint and some components to bring everything together

The Shuttle was bought as untested from eBay for a cheap price, and as it turns out, was actually working. I didn’t know this at the time, and it was only after I had removed the mainboard from the case that I got to test it out. It was an AMD X2 64 running at 2.5Ghz with 2 GB ram installed. I have kept the mainboard, CPU and ram for a future retro project.

The build

Check out my YouTube channel where I have a video show this new device working. It will be published on 9th May.