New Toy

Today I have taken receipt of a PSP 1003.

Although not very retro (They are discontinued though) it has the capability of running many emulators.

Hopefully, I will be able to stuff its memory with emulators and roms for a truly mobile retro gaming experience.

UPDATE: 12/07/2016 – I have Amiga, Atari ST, NES, C64, Sega emulators all running on this now. Ahhh the memories.

The Sales are on ..

I have today decided to sell some of my retro computer systems because I cannot give them the time and attention they need.

Vic-20, Amstrad PPC 640 and ZX Spectrum 48K are up for sale on the Facebook retro computer forums.

Update: ZX Spectrum 48K has now been sold.

Update 2: Amstrad PPC 640 has now been sold

Update 3: Vic-20 has now been sold

Update 4: NES has now been sold

I want to buy a machine that I will actually use, like an Amiga or an Atari ST.

Memories …

I’m losing mine!

My Sandisk 4GB SDHC Card has died. It can’t be read by any device. 🙁 oh well.


I know. I will take it apart and see what is in it. There must be a wicked small board and a ram chip?



Where is my circuit board and memory chip?


Is that it? a sliver of silicon with some gold strips and dots??? The little grey thing in the bottom right is the write protect tab. Does nothing inside the SD card.

I am quite impressed that 4 GB of storage doesn’t need a physical chip!

The wonders of the digital age! ha ha

Yesterday …

I don’t have any troubles, so they can’t seem so far away…

But …

I did receive a Psion II off my Father In-Law … Thanks Mr F!


Tandy/Radio Shack 80

So today, I picked up this little beauty from a very nice lady off Freegle, St Helens. I was informed that it was boxed with joystick and games. I was not told that it had 3 joysticks, a cassette player and a shed load of books. No wonder the box was flippin heavy!

Turns out that this machine has extended basic 1.0 and 8487 kilobytes of usable ram. Its the 16K version – Yeeesss! That makes it even better!!!!

Tatung Einstein


Oh how I miss my Tatung Einstein.
It was a great 8Bit machine that I never appreciated properly.

I had the original TC01 with BBC Basic disk, 80 column card, Printer, Speculator (Hardware ZX Spectrum Emulator), ZipStick Joystick, most of the games and applications and loads of books and every copy of Tatung Einstein User magazine.

Today I have found the company that used to supply the Einstein software and Hardware after Tatung gave up.

A swift eMail has been composed and sent to see how much their New Old Stock is. Fingers crossed I can get the Einstein back in my collection!

There are 2 types of Tatung Einstein; Both detailed below;
  • CPU: Zilog Z80A @ 4 MHz
  • 64K RAM
  • 8K to 32K ROM
  • Z84C30 CTC
  • Z84C20 PIO
  • intel 8251 SIO
  • 1770 FDC Floppy disk Controllers
  • Z80 ‘Tube’ bus/interface
  • Analogue joystick Ports
  • RAM: 64 KB system RAM; 16 KB video RAM
  • Video: Texas Instruments TMS9129 16 colours, 32 sprite planes
  • Audio: AY-3-8910 (Also Reads keyboard Matrix)

Like the MSX specification

  • 64K User RAM 192K Video RAM
  • Video : V9938, 512 colours