Hunting high and low – one mans quest for Nirvana?

The hunt is on for illusive Tatung Einstein software and hardware.

Batman (3D) by Ocean Software
Beach Head 1 & 2

Audio DAC
Hard Drive interface
Speech Synthesiser
Light Pen

I know some of this hardware is featured on but unfortunately it is being kept under wraps and not shared, which is quite understandable.

I want to see if it is possible to re-create the hardware using todays production methods to offer these accessories to the new wave of Einstein enthusiasts and collectors that is appearing.

As more Einsteins are listed for sale on eBay, more and more people are able to savour what should have been the best 8-bit micro of the early 1980s.

Fingers crossed I can get somewhere in my quest!

Drop me a message if you have any of the above, or anything that I have missed off my list (Hint: There is a lot of hardware and software that has vanished over the years!)

Thanks. Mike.

UPDATE: Feb 2023

After 12 months of searching, I have located quite a few rare unreleased Einstein games

Airwolf by Elite systems (This runs, but has corrupted graphics, i think, due to a duff disc sector.
Gloop – A paint the walls and make full blocks style game
Alien 8 (yes the one by Ultimate, converted by A.C.G)
Knight Lore (again by Ultimate, converted by A.C.G)
Super Cobra by Konami
JetPak by Merlin Software (Like Jetpac on the ZX Spectrum by Ultimate)

Plenty there to keep me going for a few months, testing and checking.