More Speccy Goodness

Last night I found a post on the Retro Computer sales forum on facebook for an item that I used to own back in 1984.

A DKTronics keyboard upgrade for the ZX Spectrum.

These are currently hard to come by, so I jumped at the chance to make an offer, and we came to a sensible agreement.

It should be winding its merry way to me as we speak.

Keep watching for pics and a report of the working state of it (It was sold as untested!)

More Atari STe goodness

The Atari 520 STe I received in the recent epic haul has been upgraded to 4MB – a full compliment of SIMMs have been inserted. It does not make it any faster (Its only Windows that needs more RAM to work faster!)

I have also added an external Protar Progate II 40Mb hard drive with built in ICD controller. It also has an additional 230MB SCSI HDD as drive 2.

The thing boots in no time and allows STOS and other apps to run almost instantly.

On the down side, it squeals like a little piggie, due to its age. I think the drive bearings are on their way out! – Must keep an eye on those.

Pictures to follow!

More Goodness

It takes a while to acquire good stuff.

Recently I have received an Amiga A500 Plus. This came boxed, but without power supply.
I had to wait a whole 3 days to test it, while the new PSU arrived. It does actually work and I can play all the discs that came with it! 🙂

Its a good machine, better than the A600 as the A500+ has the ECS chipset and a whole 1MB ram with a battery backed clock.

The battery on the main board was about to explode, so a swift wipe with the soldering iron allowed it to be replaced with a brand new one thanks to amigakit!

I worthy addition to my collection.