Mikes Current Retro Tech


Here you will find all the retro tech in my collection.

Newest additions

Faulty Tatung Einstein. It needs some big love!
Fully refurbished ZX Spectrum +2A

Update: June 2021:

As with the nature of retro computing, items get bought and items get sold. Before moving house in Augist 2020, the majority of my collection was off-loaded to other collectors.

The BBC Micro, PiCade, Psion Organiser, TRS-80, Additional Einsteins were all sold to a) get some money for the house move and b) to save having to keep them in storage while the new house was made ready.

Since moving, I have acquired more Einsteins and a ZX Spectrum. The Einsteins have again been off-loaded and the ZX Spectrum is being refurbished to make new – It has a faulty Power Jack and keyboard membrane.

All these machines will be featured at some point on my YouTube channel, so keep watching;