Games for your?

On the back of the Cassette 50 post, I thought I would share another set of retro ephemera from back in the day.

I am trying to get a full set of these, but they appear to be like rocking horse poop! – Extremely Rare!!!!

Games for your …. ‘Personal Computer of Choice’

All the major systems of the time had a book of games dedicated to it, that you could type in and run.

I recall, many of the games had small bugs that needed to be corrected, which helped you learn how to program.

Published by Virgin books in the early 1980s, They were all edited by Tim Hartnell.

They all originally retailed at £2.95 each.

After extensive research, I have determined that the following machines had it available.

The ones in large bold type below are my own copies!


ZX Spectrum

TRS 80

Apple IIe

BBC Micro

Amstrad CPC

Atari 8Bit



In quite poor condition – The spine is ripped and missing print.

Commodore 64

Dragon 32


Atari 600 XL

Recently (April 2019) acquired via eBay

Sinclair QL

I need a better scan of this book cover! – Who has one?

Acorn Electron

I need a better scan of this book cover! – Who has one?


There was an additional series that followed on from the above called …

Wait for it …

Thats right!

MORE games for your …. ‘Personal Computer of Choice’

So far, I only have this for the BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and ZX 81

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