Antique, Vintage or Retro?

What does it all mean?

These classifications have been banded around for many years, but what are they and what relevance do they have?

This is how I see the differences in terms of time scales.

Antique – Anything that is 100 + years old.

Does not seem a long time ago, but at the time of writing this post, 100 years ago was 1919 – My Grandfather on Dad’s side was 16 years of age 100 years ago!

The Wright Brothers first powered flight took place in the same year (1903)! – The world is moving on!

Vintage – Anything that is older than 50 years but younger than 99 years.

Wine is generally classified as vintage, but it can be applied to anything really. Clothing from the 1970s will soon be vintage, as will I!

Retro – Anything that is older than 25 years, but younger than 50 years.

Currently, that puts me in the retro category of life. In a couple of years I will Vintage! ha ha.

Computers and game consoles come under this category, as do cars, boats, clothes etc – Usually this means anything from your childhood.

This is where my web site and YouTube channel is aimed. RETRO all the way!