Retro Goodness

So, its been a while since I updated these pages.

I have been busy with work and life!

Recently, I acquired another external SCSI hard drive unit. This time for an apple MAC, but an older style.

Supposedly it has an HDD in it (It does – Its a 9GB LVD Drive), and LVD/SE SCSI connectors. This is of no use to me, so I also ordered a SCSI to Centronics 50 pin cable, that is an exact fit in the case. This should allow me to connect it up to my Atari STE and use it as an additional storage case for my yet to be installed SCSI ZIP drive. Once this has been completed, I will be able to copy loads of good stuff from my PC/usb drive to the Atari HDD.

The ZIP drive needs a parity generator attaching between the drive and the atari scsi adapter, but I have the schematics for this, and with enough will power, I will get the thing up and running. The parity generator chip is so small, I may need to use a needle instead of the soldering iron tip!!!!

Success or failure results will be posted here, as and when I get round to doing the mod!!!