So .. I bought an Atari STfm case and keyboard off Facebook, with the sole purpose of creating a frankenSTEin machine!

Raspberry Pi 3
Atari ST keyboard and case
Internal 128GB SSD Hard Drive
Port extenders to reach the edge of the case
Atari Mouse converted to USB and optical

The project is coming along nicely .. I have all the components secured to the bottom of the case and its all working lovely with Pixel OS and Hatari emulator

I am thinking of using this machine as my main system as I currently only do Amazon Echo Skill development, Facebook and web browsing so it should be good enough

There is a Windows 10 laptop at my disposal for when I want to do YOUTUBE video editing and REASON music creation, so all is not lost! 🙂

The Windows 10 laptop is not good enough for video editing 1080p video for my youtube channel so I have bought something not so retro. A new Acer Predator PC. This is my go-to video editor machine now and the frankenSTEin will be used for Atari emulation.