Epic Haul

Like busses, nothing comes along for ages, then loads all at once!


So last night, 08/09/2016 I collected ‘some’ retro bits from a guy who works at the same Local Authority as I do.

Minimal cost, for maximum retro joy! – There is just so much for me to go through – I am sure I won’t be able to find room for it all.

BBC Micro Model B Issue 3 – With Turbo MMC and 12 Rom Card

Acorn Electron – Dead as a DODO! – Sold to an Acorn collector

CBM 64 – With CF Card – Sold to a collector

ZX81 – Untested, No PSU – I have found a PSU and tested. It lives, but has the dreaded video roll!

Vic 20 – Untested, No PSU – This has been sold to a CBM collector

Ericsson MC12 – Dead – No PSU to test – UPDATE: The internal battery contacts were corroded. These have now been sanded back down to the base metal and the device lives!
Sinclair 48K+ – Mint condition with SDCard interface and Joystick – Case sold to a collector. Mainboard and PSU kept for my own use

Atari 65XE – CF Card and joystick – Sold to an Atari collector

Amiga A600 with internal CF Card and Joystick – Sold to an Amiga collector

Sanyo MSX MPC-100  – Sold to the MSX user group Helsinki, Finland

Atari 520STe – Kept, upgraded and used every few weeks

Sega Mega Drive – Unusual blood red model with modded switch and Multi load cart. – Not being a gamer, I have traded this for more kit, that has since been sold to various people!

I have also enquired with the same source about any other stuff that might be available, so keep coming back to the blog for future updates!