Refurbishment Projects

The first refurb I attempted was the ZX Spectrum 48K rubber keyboard model.

It arrived in a very bad state.


Before: Original condition of the ZX Spectrum 48K I received via Facebook


Its an Issue 3B board!

I completed the Composite Video modification that allows the speccy to work with an RCA composite cable on a new TV Click to link for an explanation of how its done.


After: Partially refurbished 48K Spectrum with Composite Mod – Needs ram testing and a new metal keyboard plate

The metal keyboard plate is very bendy and once it has been removed, it is difficult to flatten it out proplerly, so I just left it as is. The printing on the rubber keyboard is also rubbing off due to excessive use during its life.

The redeeming feature of this speccy is the genuine PSU with the inline reset switch.